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Sometimes taking a risk is the safest thing

Sometimes taking a risk is the safest thing

John Grant
St. Lukes
About Speaker:

John Grant - Founder(St. Lukes)


John started his communications strategy career at agencies JWT and then BMP-DDB where he won the coveted IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix. In the mid-90s he went on to become co-founder and head of strategy at creative agency St Luke’s (as featured in the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company Magazine).

Since then John has advised clients on brands, marketing, behaviour change, strategy and innovation with a particular focus on the three main meta trends; sustainability, digital and globalisation. John is also the co-founder (with Deborah Meaden) of Ecoinomy, a greening the workplace web 2.0 start up.

John Grant is the author of Made With (The Emerging Alternative to Western Brands, 2013), Co-opportunity (2010), the award winning Green Marketing Manifesto (2007), and three other books.


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