Fundraising plan (Series 1)

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About this Playlist

If you’re looking to improve your organisation’s fundraising strategy and bring in new revenue streams, the first step to ensuring success is to prepare a fundraising plan… and watching our video animations to teach you how to do this! 


This series will also explain how understanding internal and external factors that can influence your fundraising plans are of utmost importance!  Most funders will ask you to report on the difference you are making, so we have provided a video on monitoring and evaluation strategies so you can learn how to do this. 


After watching this series you can proceed with confidence. Remember, It’s important not to over-burden yourself with setting too many outcomes when you are first beginning in fundraising. 


In this series:

1. What is a fundraising plan?

2. Understanding external factors 

3. Understanding internal factors 

4. Writing your plan

5. What is a case for support 

6. Don’t forget monitoring and evaluation


Make sure you watch all playlists within the Fundraising series, provided to you by the Charity Learning Consortium. 


Happy watching!


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